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The Infinite Daisy Chains

Short Bio

From meeting at a rehearsal in a dimly lit garage to tying the knot five years later in marriage, Ian Dandridge and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge now set off to spread a much-needed message of hope. Inspired by their honeymoon experience in the Californian desert, these DC-metropolitan based artists decided to combine their love for creating and performing music, forming what they now refer to as 'The Infinite Daisy Chains'. The marriage secured their commitment to each other, and that emotion spills into the duo's creative process.


With a seemingly ‘infinite’ sonic palette that sees them generate ideas from synthesizers, drum machines and an array of live instrumentation, their sound fuses bedroom pop and electronica in a way that is unique to them. Kristina specializes in the violin, vocals, and Ableton push, whilst Ian is the guitarist of the duo. As well as years of experience in playing synthesizers and drum machines, they have produced and sound designed for clients such as, a leading music production platform for millions of creatives. 


In 2023, they achieved several key milestones as an indie band by completing a regional tour up and down the East Coast with sold out shows in NYC, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Following their tours, they released a remix of Spaceface- "Earth in Awe" on Mothland Records on a compilation record with artists such as: Pearl and the Oysters, Brothers Griiin (from the Flaming Lips) and other indie darlings. Their remix gained traction and was featured as “Best New Music” on KCRW 89.9 FM, NPR’s largest affiliate radio station out of Los Angeles. On October 27, The Infinite Daisy Chains drop a groovy new single, “Better Off,” on the same day as their show with psychedelic pop artist, Vinyl Williams, at Songbyrd Music House in Washington DC. Collectively, they want nothing more than for their reverb-drenched performances and recordings to serve as a salute to the music that brought the two of them together.

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